A Texas Cowboy Christmas

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A Texas Cowboy Christmas

Sometimes life takes you on journeys you would never expect and the dynamics of your life changes with just one situation. Molly Griffin has her heart set on her son Braden attending an exclusive private pre-school in Dallas and will do everything in her power to give him the life she never had by providing this type of setting for her son’s education. But, Braden loves the school he attends and does not want to leave the Circle H Ranch and his new friendship with a man named Chance Lockhart. All Braden wants is for someone to bring him two live bulls for Christmas much to his mother’s chagrin.

Chance and Molly enter into an unusual relationship uniting both his workers and hers in interior design to complete a project for his mother, Lucille Lockhart. Lucille owns and operates the Circle H Ranch, and being in…

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