Trial of Ice

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Trial of Ice: Stephen H. King

Hoping to become the next elf queen, Crown Princess Alyssa must take on the many trials and tests required before taking the thrown. With an entourage of bodyguards along with her father going the first leg of the way, she must hope to win the approval of Bennaeth Padrig’s vote or not be allowed to take on the thrown. Seph is her one steadfast and loyal cousin, the deadly and handsome Prince Keion along with her person bodyguard Aerona she hopes to gain the trust needed to become the next elf queen. Alyssa has much to learn as she and her guards along with Prince Keion travel to meet Padrig and will find that her quest is often met with resistance, fear, hate and even discord by some of those living in many of the kingdoms she will rule. Wearing the powerful relic Dragnerthol…

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