Killing Jane

Killing Jane: Stacy Green   Was Jack the Ripper a woman? Could someone have committed all accounts of his murder other then a man? Enter Erin Prince, lead investigator. Erin has been assigned …

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Killing Jane

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Killing Jane: Stacy Green

Was Jack the Ripper a woman? Could someone have committed all accounts of his murder other then a man? Enter Erin Prince, lead investigator. Erin has been assigned along with her new partner, Todd Beckett to investigate the gruesome murder of Bonnie Archer a young woman whose past and present were quite questionable. Throughout the novel you the reader will meet many people who played an important role in Bonnie’s life including her parents Neil and Carmen Archer as well as her Uncle Simon and Aunt Melissa. Bonnie was abused and molested as a child and when the murder comes to light and the evidence is revealed Erin finds it difficult to fathom why someone would create a murder scene so gruesome and horrific. As the investigation proceeds she and her partner come up against many walls and many people who are not forthcoming including Sarah…

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Please explain terrorism to me !

Please Explain “Terrorism TO ME! Laurie Zelinger PHD and Illustrated by Ann Israeli   Some definitions provide meanings of words that are vividly depicted and described. Others relate to situa…

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Please explain terrorism to me !

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Please Explain “Terrorism TO ME!

Laurie Zelinger PHD and Illustrated by Ann Israeli

Some definitions provide meanings of words that are vividly depicted and described. Others relate to situations that will evoke emotions and emotional experiences that we might choose to forget. Terrorism is defined in this book as : the use of violence to frighten people in an attempt to make them behave or think in a different manner. Our main character is a young boy who comes home from school, sees the television on and then read as alert that will change the lives of many people. ALERT A: BREAKING NEWS: BOMBINGS, TERRORISTS, CASUALTIES! Calling his mom to tell her what he has seen on the television caused alarm. Mom was working in the kitchen and until he alerted her to the alert she never saw it coming. When things are such that a parent might want to…

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My Brother is Special: A Cerebral Palsy Story: Written and Illustrated by Murray Stenton

Understanding the differences of others that are disabled are not always easy when they are part of someone you care about the most. Ethan is special and he is ten years old. Ethan is different from you and me as his mother relates. This is a story of tolerance, love, faith and understanding of someone who might not be the same as you, might not understand and learn like you and I. It’s a story about someone whose brain was injured as a young child. It’s about Ethan and his daily challenges with Cerebral Palsy.

This is his brother telling the story and explaining to you the reader, adult, children, teens and young adults why Ethan cannot run, play or jump like you can. He explains that he has trouble learning the letters, numbers and words…

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A Tramp Life: Tony Tilford

Alone, dejected, living as an outcast and thrown to the wolves you might say teenage Pearly James decides to walk away from her life and find a new world to live in on her own. Disgusted with living with an aunt that is there in body only and rarely notices her and tormented by the students in her school and bullied by another, Pearly realizes that being lonely and having no one to care for her or for her to care about except her precious dog Boo, is not the life she wants. She plans, and creates her own schedule of events until that moment she breaks free and is on her own. Selling off items that she feels she won’t need and taking the money from the bank account her aunt set up for her, Pearly feels that she can make it on her…

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Child’s Play

Merry Jones

January 3 Book Blast

February 1-28, 2017 Tour


Since her husband’s murder two years earlier, life hasn’t been easy for Elle Harrison. Now, at the start of a new school year, the second grade teacher is determined to move on. She’s selling her house and delving into new experiences―like learning trapeze.

Just before the first day of school, Elle learns that a former student, Ty Evans, has been released from juvenile detention where he served time for killing his abusive father. Within days of his release, Elle’s school principal, who’d tormented Ty as a child, is brutally murdered. So is a teacher at the school. And Ty’s former girlfriend. All the victims have links to Ty.Ty’s younger brother, Seth, is in Elle’s class. When Seth shows up at school beaten and bruised, Elle reports the abuse, and authorities remove Seth and his older sister, Katie…

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IN THIS LIFE: Christine Brae

In this life we are given many choices to make and those choices result in decisions that might often lead us in different directions. Obstacles are thrown in our paths and sometimes the thoughts that we have become entangled with what we think we feel in our hearts. In this life we do not always know what is right for us and sometimes when a choice is made it might be at the expense of someone else and even ourselves. Anna Dillon is a doctor who begins the novel by teaching a group of students in Thailand. In walks Jude Grayson and her whole world takes on a different dimension. This is where the story changes as her best friend Dante is the reason she spends time in Thailand and helping other people and dealing with their issues. But, the moment she lays eyes on…

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Sometimes death comes when you least expect it and the source or reason remains an enigma or puzzle to those trying to come up with the cause. Within this novel we will visual and see the carnage and desecration of many people who died a painful and gruesome death at the hand of an unknown killer and substance that might remain unknown unless one man can uncover it. Dr. Damon Keane is a well known sleuth scientist who will stop at nothing to uncover and detect the truth about these deaths that no one else will or has the expertise to do. The Atlanta PD is stymied and stumped and when the Mayor of Atlanta requests the help of Dr. Damon Keane things will take on a new turn and the killer or the catalyst will hopefully be stopped. A death the causes the victim’s organs to shut down completely…

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The Case of the Stolen Case

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Sean Sean is back in a new murder mystery packed with colorful characters, wild chases that will make the cyclone at Coney Island seem tame, and connections to shady characters, the mob and other gangs that will keep him busy and in dangerous situations. Summoned to meet with Salvatore Belassario at the scene of a tragic house fire in Saint Paul, Sean despite his better instincts decides to assist him in solving the mystery of a murder and robbery that took place eight years ago. Within this murder and robbery as the embers burn and the smell of death permeates in the air, there is a hint that a traveling band of thieves, some in jail and others still at large have plans to conduct real estate scams, find a missing suitcase with millions of dollars as he has to deal with…

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