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Blackwell: Alexandria Weis and Lucas Astor

Loyalties and friendships are sometimes more sacred than the family relationships in some cases. As you enter a world filled with opulence, violence, distrust, hate and revenge you will learn what happens when one man vies for the love and attention of a woman named Frances and another wins her hand in marriage. Magnus Blackwell rich, arrogant, affluent and self-assured with no qualms about flaunting his money and his haunting good looks finds it hard to understand that a young woman a graduate from Radcliff would dare to choose someone beneath his status and hers over him. Jacob O’Connor is smart, and handsome and is studying at Harvard to become an architect. But, Magnus will do anything to satisfy his male needs at any cost to the poor female that he engages with. Going to whore houses and taking these women anyway he wants…

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