The World of Lights

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E.N. Nasimi: The World of Lights: The Beginning

Through out time there have been people who are primarily concerned with their own self-worth, importance and power. Within this novel there are three separate stories that will interact into one as we get to understand the meaning of hate, revenge, forgiveness, selflessness and family loyalty.

The story first introduces us to two men that live in the same village but are different in so many ways. Abbas is kind, considerate, often naïve of the evil of others in that he refuses to give in to it and although poor he manages to with a full heart give over so much to help others. Humbaba is his foe and the leader of the village who feels that his superiority reigns, his money is more important, his word and law final. When anyone dares to speak out against his wishes, dares to voice…

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