Killing Jane

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Killing Jane: Stacy Green

Was Jack the Ripper a woman? Could someone have committed all accounts of his murder other then a man? Enter Erin Prince, lead investigator. Erin has been assigned along with her new partner, Todd Beckett to investigate the gruesome murder of Bonnie Archer a young woman whose past and present were quite questionable. Throughout the novel you the reader will meet many people who played an important role in Bonnie’s life including her parents Neil and Carmen Archer as well as her Uncle Simon and Aunt Melissa. Bonnie was abused and molested as a child and when the murder comes to light and the evidence is revealed Erin finds it difficult to fathom why someone would create a murder scene so gruesome and horrific. As the investigation proceeds she and her partner come up against many walls and many people who are not forthcoming including Sarah…

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