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IN THIS LIFE: Christine Brae

In this life we are given many choices to make and those choices result in decisions that might often lead us in different directions. Obstacles are thrown in our paths and sometimes the thoughts that we have become entangled with what we think we feel in our hearts. In this life we do not always know what is right for us and sometimes when a choice is made it might be at the expense of someone else and even ourselves. Anna Dillon is a doctor who begins the novel by teaching a group of students in Thailand. In walks Jude Grayson and her whole world takes on a different dimension. This is where the story changes as her best friend Dante is the reason she spends time in Thailand and helping other people and dealing with their issues. But, the moment she lays eyes on…

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Sometimes death comes when you least expect it and the source or reason remains an enigma or puzzle to those trying to come up with the cause. Within this novel we will visual and see the carnage and desecration of many people who died a painful and gruesome death at the hand of an unknown killer and substance that might remain unknown unless one man can uncover it. Dr. Damon Keane is a well known sleuth scientist who will stop at nothing to uncover and detect the truth about these deaths that no one else will or has the expertise to do. The Atlanta PD is stymied and stumped and when the Mayor of Atlanta requests the help of Dr. Damon Keane things will take on a new turn and the killer or the catalyst will hopefully be stopped. A death the causes the victim’s organs to shut down completely…

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The Case of the Stolen Case

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Sean Sean is back in a new murder mystery packed with colorful characters, wild chases that will make the cyclone at Coney Island seem tame, and connections to shady characters, the mob and other gangs that will keep him busy and in dangerous situations. Summoned to meet with Salvatore Belassario at the scene of a tragic house fire in Saint Paul, Sean despite his better instincts decides to assist him in solving the mystery of a murder and robbery that took place eight years ago. Within this murder and robbery as the embers burn and the smell of death permeates in the air, there is a hint that a traveling band of thieves, some in jail and others still at large have plans to conduct real estate scams, find a missing suitcase with millions of dollars as he has to deal with…

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Below the Belt : Stuart Woods

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Stone Barrington is back but this time he is dealing with a serious political secret and issue stemming from a phone call from an old friend. Imagine being summoned to the house of a past President and asked to take with you a suitcase whose contents you are not privy too. Handcuffed to the case and not given the key to open the lock Stone travels home hoping that someone will free him from the case and captivity. Holly Barker awaits him at his home and luckily for him she is in the right frame of mind to set him free. What is in the case and what will cause a chain of events that will force him to go to many locations, escape explosions, saving the life of someone close to him and dealing with a political candidate for President that just might hold the answers to whatever is…

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Special interview with author James Rollins who co-authored this outstanding Five Star Title: War Hawk

After author’s notes what made you decide to focus on this topic?

First and foremost, the goal of this book (or any of them) is to keep a reader glued to the pages of a sprawling global adventure, but at the same time, I think thrillers work best when, after a reader closes the book, that I leave them something to ponder and maybe even pursue some research on their own. It’s one of the reasons I include that “What’s True, What’s Not” afterword to the book.  In this particular case, I wanted to shine a light on the next level or warfare, something we’ve even seen conducted during this last election.  It’s not a war with boots on the ground, but one more covert, using technology and social media to spread disinformation and manipulate…

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The Rising: Jon Land/ Heather Graham

What would you do if you found out that your entire life was a lie and that what you are as a human is about to be questioned and challenged? Football hero and star quarterback Alex Chin is playing at top-notch form when an accident during one of his games sends him to the hospital. Nothing from this point on would ever be the same as the doctor taking his tests realizes much to his impending death that something rings untrue about the CAT Scan he took. Taking it again reveals the same thing an unusual shadow that cannot be identified but just what it is will astound readers later on as the plot becomes more complex and we learn more about Alex, his history and his parents and why things about his life and how he came to live with An and Li…

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Harry Blue or Detective Harriet Blue is a tenacious, tough and yet impetuous character that will mystify, entrance and yet keep readers wondering what wild and crazy thing is she going to do next. When her brother Sam Blue is arrested for a triple murder she demands to see him but her request if denied. She wants to help with his case but instead her superiors send her to a place that is so dangerous, so isolated and not fit for any humans to live there. A mining community made up of prostitutes, drug sellers, dangerous thugs and someone who believes that anyone that defies what he believes in and does not complete their missions to his liking deserves to die. He is calls himself THE SOLDIER but although he lures his victims, taunts them and then mutilates them leaving them in pieces like a butcher cutting up a carcass…

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