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Lucidity: David Carnoy

Would you take a huge cash award in order to uncover what happened to someone who disappeared over twenty years ago? Would you take another sum of money to uncover where he husband might be and if he was the killer or the person that made her disappear? Hank Madden of the Menlo Park PD is about to handle the case of his life even though he retired from the force. When approached by a billionaire to look into this old cold case of Stacy Walker who disappeared and whose body was never recovered or found will he accept the terms of the deal and keep his benefactor a secret? Will he also keep the fact that he is hunting down her husband as well as a secret too? Finding out about a man named Frank Marcus who wrote a book about this case, has many files…

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Simplify Your Life from the Inside Out: Mark The 7 Keys to Finding Inner Peace: Wayne Smith

What happens when everything in your life spirals out of control and you feel lost and need something to center you and your emotions? What happens when you wish that things could be simpler but are not sure in which direction to go to make that happen? In a world that is fast paced and things are expected of us in as we say in music Cut Time, or a fast rhythm, many of us need to find a way to compromise our schedules and lives between busy, fast or just taking it one step at a time. This book provides many solutions, answers and real life experiences that the author shares to help everyone including this reviewer Simply Your Life from the Inside Out: The 7 Keys to finding Inner Peace and…

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Spotlight : Tom Sawyer

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9 Badass Secrets for Putting Yourself in Luck’s Way — By Tom Sawyer And Tama Ryder

Creative, insightful, resourceful, tenacious and seriously persistent author, screenwriter, producer and director Tom Sawyer puts it all together in this creative guide. Aimed at helping everyone in every walk of life become a success, it teaches you that you can be whatever you want but you need to GO FOR YOUR DREAM! YOU DESERVE IT! Tama Ryder the co-author framed the secrets created in this book. The unique information shared is pulled from real life experiences — good, bad and comical. This approach helps readers understand just why Sawyer is such a great success.

Believing that you’ve got it is step one and deserve to win every time is step one of nine. This is illustrated by a phone call the author receives stating that they appreciate all that he did when working on

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Grandfather Paradox

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The Grandfather Paradox.

The captain of this ship is blindsided when he returns from a mission to find his crew has decided to rid themselves of him. Andu Nehrengel is the captain of this spaceship in a faraway and remote place in outer space. Without any warning or rhyme or reason that order him to surrender, come back as their prisoner or force him off his own ship and place him in a small runabout which has provisions and power for five days. But, although he is alone, needs to plan his strategy needless to say that he survives and crashes on an alien planet. The science lessons begin when he meets Chandra and he survives attacks by huge meat eating alien bird beasts and then finds himself alone with three beautiful how lucky can he get female human clones. The four are now stuck on this planet. However he…

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The Riverman

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Greed, power, lust and corporate deceptions are at the heart of this powerful novel about an accounting firm whose members and partners had it all and then they did not. When one of the managing partners learns from one of the other members of the team who might be up for a promotion that someone is dipping into the till of the company things start to spiral out of control as the person behind this scheme aims to silence anyone in the way. Duncan Forbes learns about this from Michael Turner and the next thing you know he’s attending Michael’s going away party to another branch of the company in the United States and poor Duncan does not realize that sometimes honesty can be deadly.

The Riverman knows his way around Glasgow’s River Clyde as he understands what lies beneath the waters and goes about his day. The Riverman has…

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Godwine Kingmaker

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Godwine: Kingmaker

Noble status, class status and what family you came from often determine your lot in life or whom you may marry. Godwine is an astute, careful, yet outspoken at times young man who as a shepherd when we meet him someone saves the life of a Danish Jarl named Ulf. Losing his way after a battle against the English, Godwine rescues him and takes him to his father’s home. But, since he is a Saxon he is looked upon differently than the Danish but Ulf sees something special in Godwine and invites and entices him to join his war band leading him to meet with the soon to be Danish King Canute. His lust for power takes time, as those in Ulf’s command do not immediately accept him. Godwine is the son on an important seafaring thegn of Sussex. Godwine appears apprehensive at times, not quite sure of…

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War Hawk : James Rollins

What would happen if we had to worry that drones were going to fly above us, take aim and even shoot at innocent people? What would happen if instead of guns these military drones would be used to …

Source: War Hawk : James Rollins

War Hawk : James Rollins

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What would happen if we had to worry that drones were going to fly above us, take aim and even shoot at innocent people? What would happen if instead of guns these military drones would be used to destabilize political hot spots and instead of an arsenal of weapons they would be used to take down these hot spots, murder anyone in their way and eliminate humans from combat. Pruitt Kellerman is the man behind these drones and using secret teams that he controls using research that the reader learns about in the prologue stemming back to WWII and stolen research belonging to WWII cryptanalyst Alan Turing who devised, developed and created these drones that can think, hack into enemy computers, work alone or autonomously and even infiltrate social media with sending out the wrong information causing serious problems and much more. Enter Tucker and his military dog Kane who…

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Spotlight : Interview James Rollins

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First and foremost, the goal of this book (or any of them) is to keep a reader glued to the pages of a sprawling global adventure, but at the same time, I think thrillers work best when, after a reader closes the book, that I leave them something to ponder and maybe even pursue some research on their own. It’s one of the reasons I include that “What’s True, What’s Not” afterword to the book.  In this particular case, I wanted to shine a light on the next level or warfare, something we’ve even seen conducted during this last election.  It’s not a war with boots on the ground, but one more covert, using technology and social media to spread disinformation and manipulate the news. In this very book, I had warned about Russia’s skill in this very arena.  Little did I know it would prove to come true within…

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Interesting and Profound

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Unexpected: Short Stories from Around the World

These are uniquely crafted stories each told either by a narrator relating the events or by the character. Each story reminds readers to be grateful for what we have and never to take situations or people for granted. Most of the stories are sad and some endings are tragic with a surprise twist. Story one is quite interesting as we meet Joao who comes from Brazil and is about to get married to Lisa. Speaking with his friend and telling him about how beautify she is and how happy he is going to be sets the dramatic stage for what happens at the end that will definitely surprise and blindside readers. Wedding plans in place and the I Do’s said and the final revelation will shock readers. The second story Chelsea; Miss Ohio deals with a young girl who manages to win several…

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