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Concrete Smile: Bernard Maestas

Within Newport City the streets are about to become sizzling hot. They would become hotter than a raging inferno or a five alarm fire as the gangs that live within this city take charge of the streets, fight for their turfs and hopefully knock out the rest. The Reds, The Triad, the Chinese and the Smiling Jacks, all vying to run the show as someone wants to orchestrate a gang war that would bring the city to its knees, take over the contracts for trucks, buildings, businesses and control what will be allowed in and what will not. Crime bosses that want it all as the Police Commissioner and the Mayor are blackmailed into submission but three people will stop at nothing to bring them down.

The story opens with a murder in a warehouse and a theft within the building. The night watchman is killed…

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The power of your mind and the resourcefulness of your mental capacities is astounding at times. Forming special mental images and sensing or perceiving things in your own reality is amazing. Being able to create, construct and using your imagination to solve a problem or be able to create and unlock your amazing creativity when doing a project. You can even get away from everyday life by using your imagination to help you relax in the middle of a difficult and hectic day.

Some people love to laugh; others telling jokes and some enjoy playing practical jokes. Jim Henson loved doing all of these things with his mother and brother. At age 8 he loved movie theaters and not only watching them but imagine getting popcorn for 15 cents and spending the day watching cartoons, newsreels, action movies and comedies. Jim really loved the movies with…

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