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Some alliances are brought about by circumstances beyond your control. Alessandro Di Sione owes his grandfather a huge debt and because of this he is required to go after and retrieve a valuable painting steeped in royal scandal. The painting titled: LOST MISTRESS: MY LOST LOVE, is at the heart of this novel. But, in order to retrieve it and fulfill his grandfather’s wishes he has to enlist the aid of one tenacious, persistent, smart and alluring Princess Gabriella. Meeting her for the first time and dealing with her direct approach to things brings him little consolation yet finding her quite enchanting. Cold, aloof, unfeeling and definitely not a one woman man, Alessandro just might have met his match. Forced to take her along due to the Queen, who he came to see requesting that he be allowed to purchase…

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Swann’s Way Out: Charles Salzburg

Henry Swann is a unique guy with a sarcastic sense of humor. His humorous quips and hilarious retorts will not only endear his close friends to him but also make you wonder just why he’s not into something other than finding people for a living. In a poker game some players bluff, other bid hoping to win the pot while some wait until everyone folds knowing that if he holds out he might become the big winner in that hand. Henry Swann found himself at a friendly poker game with players that were inept, poor at the game and wondering why there was nothing much to munch on. Game played, disgruntled losers left and Stan Katz pulls himself wanting to have him come to his office in the morning. Henry was hired to find a man named Rusty Jacobs for Stan. Stan claimed that he…

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A Ghostly Reunion

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A Ghostly Reunion” Tonya Kappes

What would you do if you could see someone after they passed away? What would you do if your job as a funeral director often included dealing with what is referred to as Betweeners helping them crossover to the other side but first having to do what some might think is the impossible: FIND THEIR KILLER!

Emma Lee Raines is the proprietor at Eternal Slumber and she can see the dead after they pass away. She can even converse with them; hear their stories and often finds herself wanting to make sure that they go to the other side before she becomes a victim herself. Jade Lee Peel is about to enter Sleepy Hollow much to the chagrin of poor Emma and the entire town. Hoping to create some hype, notoriety and excitement for herself and her upcoming reality show, Jade takes the town by…

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Serial K: Brian Gallagher

Jack the Ripper, Zodiac, Jeffrey Dahmer, Gein and many others just some of the serial killers including the Son of Sam and Charles Manson that have stupefied, mystified and stumped members of law enforcement hoping to stop them before their murder sprees continued. What happens when someone decides that one of these has become his champion and although each murder is creatively crafted, methodically planned out and graphically designed hoping to become the most lethal serial killer ever, you have what author Brian Gallagher created a Serial Killer more deadly than those defined above, more demented than the Zodiac, Ramirez and those that mutilate and decapitate bodies. Someone who has his own sick trademark and provides the victim with his personal engraved or carved into their body parts autograph. A person like this one murders 3 or more people over a period of thirty days and…

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