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Serial K: Brian Gallagher

Jack the Ripper, Zodiac, Jeffrey Dahmer, Gein and many others just some of the serial killers including the Son of Sam and Charles Manson that have stupefied, mystified and stumped members of law enforcement hoping to stop them before their murder sprees continued. What happens when someone decides that one of these has become his champion and although each murder is creatively crafted, methodically planned out and graphically designed hoping to become the most lethal serial killer ever, you have what author Brian Gallagher created a Serial Killer more deadly than those defined above, more demented than the Zodiac, Ramirez and those that mutilate and decapitate bodies. Someone who has his own sick trademark and provides the victim with his personal engraved or carved into their body parts autograph. A person like this one murders 3 or more people over a period of thirty days and…

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