Godwine Kingmaker

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Godwine: Kingmaker

Noble status, class status and what family you came from often determine your lot in life or whom you may marry. Godwine is an astute, careful, yet outspoken at times young man who as a shepherd when we meet him someone saves the life of a Danish Jarl named Ulf. Losing his way after a battle against the English, Godwine rescues him and takes him to his father’s home. But, since he is a Saxon he is looked upon differently than the Danish but Ulf sees something special in Godwine and invites and entices him to join his war band leading him to meet with the soon to be Danish King Canute. His lust for power takes time, as those in Ulf’s command do not immediately accept him. Godwine is the son on an important seafaring thegn of Sussex. Godwine appears apprehensive at times, not quite sure of…

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