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9 Badass Secrets for Putting Yourself in Luck’s Way — By Tom Sawyer And Tama Ryder

Creative, insightful, resourceful, tenacious and seriously persistent author, screenwriter, producer and director Tom Sawyer puts it all together in this creative guide. Aimed at helping everyone in every walk of life become a success, it teaches you that you can be whatever you want but you need to GO FOR YOUR DREAM! YOU DESERVE IT! Tama Ryder the co-author framed the secrets created in this book. The unique information shared is pulled from real life experiences — good, bad and comical. This approach helps readers understand just why Sawyer is such a great success.

Believing that you’ve got it is step one and deserve to win every time is step one of nine. This is illustrated by a phone call the author receives stating that they appreciate all that he did when working on

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