Murder on the Mullet Express

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Flashing back to different time periods gives readers the ability to feel as if they are there with the characters as the authors take us to the 1920’s where land was not as costly as it is today and where there people who are elderly, feisty and enjoy their own form of antics will keep readers amused, wondering where they will wind up at the end of the story. Land companies have what you would call know showings or open houses but back them land was sold by companies that would host people for an entire weekend. Almost like buying a villa or time share now but when you read about this weekend everyone will wish they treated guests and potential landowners the same way in the present. Companies would entertain and feed their potential clients and even make sure they arranged for great accommodations hoping to sell lots of…

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The Outsider: Anthony Franze

Imagine becoming a law clerk for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after spending many days and months delivering the mail. Grayson Hernandez wants his shot at the big time and hoping to pay off college debts and graduating from a frontier law school the only job he was able to get was as a messenger. But, things are about to change as he hopes to become part of the Supreme Court’s elite group of lawyers who work and serve the justices’ of the court as law clerks. But, watching from the outside looking in and not able to be part of this group tends to make him feel as the title states as an Outsider in more ways than one.
There have been several murders and violent attacks as Grayson finds himself on the front end of an attack on the Chief Justice of…

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Atone for the Ivory Cloud

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Some commodities are so valuable and profitable that people will go to many lengths to obtain them. Murder, poaching, illegal hacking into credit accounts, websites or social media outlets won’t stop someone when they want to acquire their coveted goals. Ivory is one thing that many will kill for as we learn within the pages of this novel as Allison Schwartz learns the true meaning of fear, betrayals, and distrust and overcomes many adversaries including those that are sworn to protect her. Allison is a coder and musician who wrote a code and unknowingly modified it to protect her creation her symphony. But, within this coding she was able to create safeguards but one failed as her identity was hacked and she came onto the radar of the CIA. Her privacy gone, her freedom curtailed and her movements monitored as Allison had no choice but to agree to go undercover…

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Follow Me Down

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Follow Me Down: Sherri Smith

Mia Haas and her mother Mimi might seem like polar opposites but when you get deep inside both of them, hear their voices and their thoughts you will know that they are not quite as different as you might think. Mia finds herself working in pharmaceuticals and we learn of her addiction to the products that she handles for her patients. Working in a hospital she takes advantage of the position and finds ways to palm meds for herself. But, hospitals have controls, they have cameras and keep logs and when she questions Mia superior she is let go. Finally getting a job working in a pharmacy is she still doing the same thing? Creating a life as far away from her mother and North Dakota she finds herself called back when she receives a phone call concerning her brother Lucas. From what she is…

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Family Rivalry: Power, Greed and Deceptions

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The Sons of Godwine

Within the pages of this novel you will be privy to many different voices and accounts of the same incidents or happenings. You will hear these events recounted by members of the same family each one giving their own slant or viewpoint. As Queen Editha, the wife of King Edward the Confessor creates her prologue each one of Godwine’s sons narrates his own viewpoint of events that happen. Harold, Tostig, Leofwine, Wulfnoth and Gyrth all present different perspectives related to things that happened, about to happen and the future of what their father has lost and hopes to reestablish. Some stories present a one sided point of view with the narrator’s account hoping to get the reader to side with his point of view. This novel focuses on the reign of Edward before William the Conqueror became England’s next king. Each character presents his case in…

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14 lives changed by lies, betrayals and deceit

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Anatomy of Innocence: Testimonies of the Wrongly Convicted

The justice system was created we thought to provide a legal arena for lawyers, prosecutors and defendants to present their case to a jury of their peers in order to decide whether they are guilty or innocent. Innocent: the person never committed the crime and yet what you are about to read within the pages of this book, as told 14 people wrongly convicted and accused, as you witness their incarceration, see their faces at the start of their stories and you the reader will look into the eyes of people the system failed. The statistics don’t lie, but often the arresting officers will create their own form of interrogation, disregard whether someone else committed the crimes, and hopefully get an arrest that will stick. All too often as you will learn when you read these accounts of what these people went…

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The Fly King

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The Fly King

Within the pages of this novel you will meet many people that will provide you with reasons why dreaming can bring you either joy or fear. Within the pages you will meet two young newborn girls born to two loving parents but something happens at the moment they come into this world that will destroy one and create another in the image of someone possessed by evil. Ani and Rachel were conjoined twins and were very close growing up. Their mother died in childbirth and an aunt brought them up. At first they both flourished but then something happened to change it all. Rachel grew taller, healthier and Ani seemed to be getting pale, tired and could barely move. When the doctor checked them out he related that Rachel was absorbing all of Ani’s positive nutrients and blood and Ani died shortly after. Rachel when you meet…

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Sean Sean is back in a new murder mystery packed with colorful characters, wild chases that will make the cyclone at Coney Island seem tame, and connections to shady characters, the mob and other gangs that will keep him busy and in dangerous situations. Summoned to meet with Salvatore Belassario at the scene of a tragic house fire in Saint Paul, Sean despite his better instincts decides to assist him in solving the mystery of a murder and robbery that took place eight years ago. Within this murder and robbery as the embers burn and the smell of death permeates in the air, there is a hint that a traveling band of thieves, some in jail and others still at large have plans to conduct real estate scams, find a missing suitcase with millions of dollars as he has to deal with…

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Life’s Equation

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Every waking hour of every day we think, feel and create ways to endure the daily stresses that come our way. When focusing on who we are and what influences whether within the outside world or in ourselves gives us different perspectives we often stop and ponder and think about where to go next and how we can focus on becoming whole. A child is born and his birth is supposed to bring joy and happiness to his parents and family. But, what happens when a child is born with an illness that can be controlled to a point but would eventually lead to his/her early death? The author of this inspirational story brings to light many issues that so many would rather push aside, toss under the pillow and not face. Isolation, fears, dreams of where he would rather be that are so real he refers to them as…

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Abduction: Cynthia Eden

Sometimes events that happen in the past will haunt you in the present. Both Hayden Black and Jill West crossed paths as young teens and now years later will connect in order to find a killer that targets young people. Jill West was out with her grandmother who was shopping in a local store when Hayden tried to befriend her. For some reason she ran away from him and the next thing she knew someone grabbed and kidnapped her when she was by her grandmother’s car. Hayden seemed to sense something was wrong and saw the entire incident and saved her from this dangerous killer but it’s not over yet. In the present the killer spotted her at the grave of Christy Anderson who some think died in her place. FBI agent Jill West returned to Hope in order to find Christy’s killer but never thinking she…

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