The Darkness of Evil

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The Darkness of Evil
A Karen Vail Novel: Alan Jacobson

Within the pages of this novel you will encounter a serial killer so evil so dangerous that as you witness the murders and enter the rooms where the bodies are found you will learn that some usually kill more than one person. You will learn that the person is abnormal and at times has some strange psychological gratification with the murders and definitely sets a timeline taking a short break between murders. The man who you will be Roscoe Lee Marcks is power hunger, egotistic, charming when necessary, manipulative and in this case was abused as a child and subjected to torments that he carries over to others. Roscoe Lee Marcks is a cold-blooded murderer that you the reader will meet up close and personal but first let’s set the scenes. Jasmine Marcks is being interviewed on television promoting her…

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