Part One of a Three Part Online interview with author Mark Shaff

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Give our listeners the back-story about Redemption Road and what starts the main character off in a quest for revenge against those who killed his wife?

Redemption Road begins with a family, Marcus Diablo, his wife Annie and their young sons Bodie and Garrett, backpacking in the Eastern Sierras, near Yosemite National Park. They stumble on a plot to set a forest fires not only in the backcountry of Yosemite but in National Parks and National Forests from California to Connecticut. While the boys and Marcus head out from their base camp for a day fishing excursion, Annie opts to stay near camp and relax. When Marcus and the boys return they find two young men tearing their campsite apart but no Annie.This event sets Marcus into motion on a frantic search to find his wife and protect his sons. What unfolds is story motivated by fear, sustained by love…

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What happens when you cannot use any technology? Read this book and learn more

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Force Ten Doubling the Penny: Mark Shaff

The world of technology is widespread and is supposed to help us connect with many different countries, people, places providing a plethora of information with just a flick of a mouse on our computers or the power of the enter key. Cell phones, computers, landlines, bus schedules, train and plane schedules and even computer boards at the airports and bus and train stations run on some special type of technology. What happens when someone decides to take that power away from us and hack into the internet and brings it down so that all communication stops? What happens when a storeowner makes a sale and the cash register crashes and you cannot complete the transaction or contact a credit card company?

Marcus Diablo is a member of Force Ten and his organization has been asked to look into the internet problem. With his…

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Bashert: Herb Freed

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Bashert: Herb Freed

Life hands you situations that change your perspective on many things. In my faith, the Jewish faith, all too often you might hear your mother or grandmother say that something that happens an event or the chance meeting someone is Bashert. That means you were destined to meet that person or it was predetermined that you will meet that special someone or even a situation that created something wonderful is often considered Bashert. Herb Freed takes readers on many different journeys flashing back time periods as we get to know Dan and Marion and learn the true meaning of the word or someone called your Bashert or soulmate. As the author is a former Rabbi so is Dan Sobol mirroring the career of the author from Rabbi to director who’s knows for his cinematic television commercials. Marion Gladstone is a writer and film editor attending a screenwriter’s…

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