Bashert: Herb Freed

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Bashert: Herb Freed

Life hands you situations that change your perspective on many things. In my faith, the Jewish faith, all too often you might hear your mother or grandmother say that something that happens an event or the chance meeting someone is Bashert. That means you were destined to meet that person or it was predetermined that you will meet that special someone or even a situation that created something wonderful is often considered Bashert. Herb Freed takes readers on many different journeys flashing back time periods as we get to know Dan and Marion and learn the true meaning of the word or someone called your Bashert or soulmate. As the author is a former Rabbi so is Dan Sobol mirroring the career of the author from Rabbi to director who’s knows for his cinematic television commercials. Marion Gladstone is a writer and film editor attending a screenwriter’s…

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