Silence Fallen: Patricia Briggs

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Within the world of Werewolves, Fae, Vampires and even those that can shapeshift into other forms there lies those that learn in the darkness, hide in plain sight and want nothing more than to take control and overpower who they think is a helpless victim. The Lord of the Night, aka/ Iacopo or Jacob finds himself in what the thinks if a position of advantage and strength when he decides to kidnap the wife of the Alpha Male and head of his own pack of werewolves. Loyalties come into play when Mercy is kidnapped and finds herself at the hands of the Lord of Night in Italy. But, how will she remain alive and will this vampire covet her valuable blood and will she escape and remain alive? Just like in politics, or hostage situations, or kidnappings the one in charge often makes demands of those that are vulnerable and…

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