James Hartley: The Invisible Hand : Shakespeare’s Moon Part One

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The Invisible Hand

Within this novel we meet Sam and Leana who meet in an unusual way. Sam lives his life in one realm in a boarding skill filled with rules, taskmasters and students required to do strenuous activities in academics and sports on a daily basis. But, each time he hazards to fall asleep he winds up in an entirely different time period and realm. With the power to travel to Medieval Scotland the author introduces him not only to the era, the people and the customs but to one of the greatest playwrights ever Shakespeare and my favorite play Macbeth. Leana is his link in the past and yet somehow she is able to transport to the present to his school. The boarding skill is in Britain and Sam has been placed there because his parents not all uncommon are too busy with their lives and working to…

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Road to Transition

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Road to Transition: Bree Record

Everyone has their own personal identity, which he/she develops about themselves over the course of their lives. Some aspects of identity can be controlled or changed where others cannot. Where you grow up, the color of your skin or the choices you make in life often out of our control. How you spend you time and what you believe may vary from time to time. Your personal identity can be seen by what you wear, how you carry yourself and how you deal with others. Bree Record poses a question with her true story one that many others might have asked themselves and others too afraid: Who am I? Where do I see myself in the future? These questions have been asked by many who have buried themselves in the search for knowledge and the nature of being who you are or human. “ What…

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