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Every waking hour of every day we think, feel and create ways to endure the daily stresses that come our way. When focusing on who we are and what influences whether within the outside world or in ourselves gives us different perspectives we often stop and ponder and think about where to go next and how we can focus on becoming whole. A child is born and his birth is supposed to bring joy and happiness to his parents and family. But, what happens when a child is born with an illness that can be controlled to a point but would eventually lead to his/her early death? The author of this inspirational story brings to light many issues that so many would rather push aside, toss under the pillow and not face. Isolation, fears, dreams of where he would rather be that are so real he refers to them as…

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Abduction: Cynthia Eden

Sometimes events that happen in the past will haunt you in the present. Both Hayden Black and Jill West crossed paths as young teens and now years later will connect in order to find a killer that targets young people. Jill West was out with her grandmother who was shopping in a local store when Hayden tried to befriend her. For some reason she ran away from him and the next thing she knew someone grabbed and kidnapped her when she was by her grandmother’s car. Hayden seemed to sense something was wrong and saw the entire incident and saved her from this dangerous killer but it’s not over yet. In the present the killer spotted her at the grave of Christy Anderson who some think died in her place. FBI agent Jill West returned to Hope in order to find Christy’s killer but never thinking she…

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