Family Rivalry: Power, Greed and Deceptions

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The Sons of Godwine

Within the pages of this novel you will be privy to many different voices and accounts of the same incidents or happenings. You will hear these events recounted by members of the same family each one giving their own slant or viewpoint. As Queen Editha, the wife of King Edward the Confessor creates her prologue each one of Godwine’s sons narrates his own viewpoint of events that happen. Harold, Tostig, Leofwine, Wulfnoth and Gyrth all present different perspectives related to things that happened, about to happen and the future of what their father has lost and hopes to reestablish. Some stories present a one sided point of view with the narrator’s account hoping to get the reader to side with his point of view. This novel focuses on the reign of Edward before William the Conqueror became England’s next king. Each character presents his case in…

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14 lives changed by lies, betrayals and deceit

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Anatomy of Innocence: Testimonies of the Wrongly Convicted

The justice system was created we thought to provide a legal arena for lawyers, prosecutors and defendants to present their case to a jury of their peers in order to decide whether they are guilty or innocent. Innocent: the person never committed the crime and yet what you are about to read within the pages of this book, as told 14 people wrongly convicted and accused, as you witness their incarceration, see their faces at the start of their stories and you the reader will look into the eyes of people the system failed. The statistics don’t lie, but often the arresting officers will create their own form of interrogation, disregard whether someone else committed the crimes, and hopefully get an arrest that will stick. All too often as you will learn when you read these accounts of what these people went…

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