Atone for the Ivory Cloud

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Some commodities are so valuable and profitable that people will go to many lengths to obtain them. Murder, poaching, illegal hacking into credit accounts, websites or social media outlets won’t stop someone when they want to acquire their coveted goals. Ivory is one thing that many will kill for as we learn within the pages of this novel as Allison Schwartz learns the true meaning of fear, betrayals, and distrust and overcomes many adversaries including those that are sworn to protect her. Allison is a coder and musician who wrote a code and unknowingly modified it to protect her creation her symphony. But, within this coding she was able to create safeguards but one failed as her identity was hacked and she came onto the radar of the CIA. Her privacy gone, her freedom curtailed and her movements monitored as Allison had no choice but to agree to go undercover…

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