Murder on the Mullet Express

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Flashing back to different time periods gives readers the ability to feel as if they are there with the characters as the authors take us to the 1920’s where land was not as costly as it is today and where there people who are elderly, feisty and enjoy their own form of antics will keep readers amused, wondering where they will wind up at the end of the story. Land companies have what you would call know showings or open houses but back them land was sold by companies that would host people for an entire weekend. Almost like buying a villa or time share now but when you read about this weekend everyone will wish they treated guests and potential landowners the same way in the present. Companies would entertain and feed their potential clients and even make sure they arranged for great accommodations hoping to sell lots of…

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The Outsider: Anthony Franze

Imagine becoming a law clerk for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after spending many days and months delivering the mail. Grayson Hernandez wants his shot at the big time and hoping to pay off college debts and graduating from a frontier law school the only job he was able to get was as a messenger. But, things are about to change as he hopes to become part of the Supreme Court’s elite group of lawyers who work and serve the justices’ of the court as law clerks. But, watching from the outside looking in and not able to be part of this group tends to make him feel as the title states as an Outsider in more ways than one.
There have been several murders and violent attacks as Grayson finds himself on the front end of an attack on the Chief Justice of…

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