Her Secret

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Her Secret: Shelley Shepard Gray

Isolation and fear harbors the life of Hannah Hilty when she finds herself at the mercy of a young man who seems obsessed with her. As the stalker begins his legacy of terror by sending her pictures of herself doing various things, knowing that the Amish do not take pictures, a chill crawls down her spine, her family is uprooted and dissension reigns as her young brother and sister begin to resent her and the fact that they had to move to another city and state. Berlin, Ohio was where they originated from and now living in Hart County, Kentucky things are calm for a while but eventually spiral out of control once more. Fear can create many serious mental and physical problems and although Hannah is pretty, smart and has been instructed by her parents to tutor and teach Ben and Jenny her siblings…

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Waves if Murder: C.S. McDonald

For those of us that are educators you might wonder what others think about people in our profession. Imagine teaching kindergarten and considered not quite capable of doing much more than dealing with small children. You never met kindergarten teacher, sleuth and tenacious Fiona Quinn. She’s a force you don’t want to reckon with but when killers, murders and anyone that’s suspicious comes her way watch out! Fiona is supposed to spend her summer recess with her detective boyfriend Nathan Landry biking, swimming, enjoying the sunshine and the beach and having some couple time. But, when her mother Nancy enlists her services to edit three not one but three novels by famous romance Wyla Parkes little did she know that this would be another one of those times she would regret. Not wanting to edit the books and really not into Wyla’s genre and after…

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What happens when a police department turns a blind eye?

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Dishonored and Forgotten: Larry and Carolyn Watts


Every police officer is considered to be someone to uphold the law and protect the people in the cities, towns or countries they live in. But, like in any profession there are those that circumvent the law, tend to create their own rules and follow the world in their own way at the expense of others. Within the Texas Police Department during the 1950’s there were many upheavals in leadership, narcotics scandals and even a death rules as a suicide. The deceased officer was shot twice in the heart and had a nasty laceration on his head. Ruling his death a suicide but was it as we will soon learn. As second officer as the story is told was sent to prison for selling heroin to those he arrested. Martin Billnitzer is at the heart of his novel as his nephew Jason…

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Without Warning: Joel Rosenberg

Our world is comprised of many people of different races, religions and nationalities. All too often we get bogged down with stereotyping people and assuming because they are of one race, religious belief of country they are dangerous. Without warning takes the reader by surprise when ISIS takes center stage taking over the thinking of one man J.B. Collins a New York Times foreign correspondent dealing with a religious madman named Abu Khalif who creates, orchestrates and executes terror attacks that take our country by surprise, storm and won’t end until the last person in our country is dead. A religious lunatic, apocalyptic Islamic terrorist attacks begins as the author starts the novel with the State of the Union speech for the join session of Congress. Hoping that President Taylor will come clean, be truthful and finally state that he is going after Khalif and not…

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An All Consuming Fire

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An All Consuming Fire: Donna Fletcher Crow

Sometimes happens has to take a backseat until other issues are solved. Marriage and impending weddings are at the heart of this novel hoping that Felicity and Antony finally make it down the aisle. But, when Cynthia, her mother shows up, wants to take over and create a wedding fit for a Queen, things take on a different tone and words fly, tempers have to be in check and what happens will endear you to her mother even if she irritates Felicity. Antony is consumed with dealing with a television series that he is narrating based on the English Mystics and poor Felicity is dealing with directing an Epiphany pageant for Kirkthorpe’s difficult young teens and youths. But, filming takes on many strains, the director does not like Antony’s style at times, wants him to perk it up and pump it up for…

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The Lost Order: Steve Berry: Starred review

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The Lost Order: Steve Berry

The story begins with a prologue that dates back to 1865 and the many treasure hunters that have searched for many years hoping to uncover billions of dollars in stolen gold and silver all hidden in caches across the United States. The group that is most deadly that you meet in the past and again the in present is The Knights of the Golden Circle. They are a clandestine organization in American History. They were they ones that gathered and amassed this fortune and they are the ones that buried it but now in the present 160 years later there are not one but two factions of what remains of this clandestine organization who wants and will stop at nothing to get the treasure to spend for their own ends and uses and the other to preserve it.

In the present we meet former Justice…

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Everlasting Benefits of Obedience: Michael A. Jones

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Everlasting Benefits of Obedience: Michael A. Jones

There are many journeys that we go through in life. Some are more difficult than others and yet somehow we manage to cope, pray and survive. Trials and tribulations aside, sad times, hard times and jovial times life presents its challenges and it’s up to us to decide and determine how to handle them. Within the pages of this book readers whether teens, young adults, children and adults will learn many lessons that will help you soar and rise to difficult occasions by understanding as the title states: Everlasting Benefits of Obedience.

Chapters One and Two are quite powerful as they focus on two major areas that are vital to a successful future. Many of us invest huge amounts of time and energy including resources into creating and building what we hope are lasting friendships. Like an architect who begins with the foundation…

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Heritage: Addie Hunter

Creating a world that would be crime free, safe and hoping to use their newfound powers for the good, six teens by no fault of their own, but caused by an accident become superhuman with superhuman abilities. Where some would use them for destruction, to gain power over others these six three girls and three young boys use them to help make the world a better place. What happens when you live in a world where people have lost their good feelings and opinions of others especially with those with abilities? But, keeping their powers a secret from family and friends will not be easy. Approaching senior year in high school presents other challenges as we meet our superheroes and get to know them one by one as they take center stage trying to stop crime, robberies, thefts, possible arson, murder and other crimes. When we join…

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Guardian: Terri Reid

A young mother will be tested in more ways than one when she and her young son witness the murder of an unknown woman. Agent Leo Gallagher would take charge of the investigation to find out who killed this woman and captured one of his fellow FBI agents, Jake. Feeling responsible for his capture and although one of the criminals during their takedown was captured and another in protective custody, someone realizes that this young mother, Alicia Duncan saw what he did and can identify him along with her son, Charlie. Leo takes to her immediately and insists on providing protection for her and her family at her ranch. Alicia is headstrong and demands to be apart of the investigation from helping to create a sketch of the killer, to finding the body of the first young woman he killed who resembles the woman in protective custody…

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Silent Source: James Marshall Smith

Sometimes death comes when you least expect it and the source or reason remains an enigma or puzzle to those trying to come up with the cause. Within this novel we will visual and see the carnage and desecration of many people who died a painful and gruesome death at the hand of an unknown killer and substance that might remain unknown unless one man can uncover it. Dr. Damon Keane is a well known sleuth scientist who will stop at nothing to uncover and detect the truth about these deaths that no one else will or has the expertise to do. The Atlanta PD is stymied and stumped and when the Mayor of Atlanta requests the help of Dr. Damon Keane things will take on a new turn and the killer or the catalyst will hopefully be stopped. A death the causes the victim’s…

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