Bitter Moon

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Fighting his own demons and his guilt for allowing mass killer Cara Lindstrom to get away, knowing that she’s out there and has the ability to kill in her own unique way, FBI Agent Matthew Roarke sets out to right the wrong, find Cara and yet in his own heart and mind he hopes she stays gone. Sixteen years ago she was released for Juvenile Hall and sent to a group home where she remained for only two weeks. During that time we hear Cara’s voice as she enters the high school where she is dropped off with six other girls, and sees things that no one else does. Who is the girl covered in blood? Why doesn’t she speak to her? Released from The Yard or a state prison for teenagers at the age of 14 she as mentioned before lives for two weeks in another group home where…

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Skeleton God

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Skeleton God: Eliot Patterson

In a country plagued with so many taboos, laws and tainted people lives someone that comes out and claims the bodies of some. Ghosts assault people and lives have been hidden and buried away as author Eliot Patterson takes us inside the world of Shan Tau and the Skeleton God. Living now as a constable in a remote town in Tibet, while often ostracized, imprisoned at one point and abused in many ways, Colonel Tan, not his best friend realizes that Shan is of great value to the people and to him. For helping him with his quests he might get to see his son, Ko, who is in prison but can see him five days every month if he behaves. An ancient tomb is violated and within the hole you will find a nun named Nymia that was attacked by ghosts. Within the tomb or…

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