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The Burial Hour: Jeffrey Deaver

Listen to the sound of the Stradivarius Violin as the composer and musician creates the music as the bow touches the strings every so lightly and the vibrato used to emit the special effects that the composer wants comes through. What would happen if someone creates his own musical compositions listens to the sounds of many orchestras, symphonies and sits back and becomes one and the same with the sounds and the music. What would happen if this person decides to use the violin strings from the best and most amazing violin played by the best musicians in the world, decides to take this priceless instrument, use it strings that create the sounds and place them around the neck of an innocent victim as a noose? 
A traveling businessman walking down the street in the Upper East Side is snatched in broad daylight. When a…

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The Three Envelopes

A young boy who is tormented and paranoid from an early life and who finds himself in later years cloned, trained and explored in many ways. Becoming a master murderer, facing any odds and overcoming them you hear his voice in a journal that give you chills throughout your body every waking hour while reading the book and after completing it. Take a trip inside the minds of those belonging to the Organization and learn just what it takes to run a technology operation at the highest level. Author Nir Hezroni’s novel allows you the reader to enter the mind of this deranged killer. The agency is called the Organization and although what they’ve accomplished happened ten years ago, the end results and the consequences will fast forward in the present of ten years later. The journal has all of the information and one man has been…

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