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Revive The Champion In Me: Your Time For Revival Has Come

Author: Michael A. Jones

Within this book many will learn the benefits of how God desires your worship and why it is crucial and beneficial to you today and forever. The author reminds us that he deserves his glory and as you open the pages of this book his Spirit leads you to many different places. But, the focus of my thoughts will center on the many lessons that I learned reading this insightful book and leave the religious passages, quotes to others to read and embrace on their own. Within the first chapter the author explains the three most effective ways to prepare for acceptable worship which are to approach, channel, listen and memorize which is part of number one titled acceptable worship. The second is to restore all broken links caused in disagreeable/upsetting situations with another brother…

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From an early age Gordon H. Theilen had an affinity for animals and loved caring for them. As a world-renowned veterinarian, he searched as doctors are doing for humans, for cures that will help animals suffering from cancer. He is known as the progenitor of veterinary oncology. But, his story begins way before as he recounts his childhood memories, living on farm, helping as a farmhand, working side by side with others and knowing that someday he would be a doctor, actually he decided it at age five. Imagine your research and hard work producing groundbreaking research in cancer virology in the 60’s leading to the first clinical oncology service for animals. The book is told in his own words in the first person as he relives many incidents especially the one leading up to how he created the title The Boy with the Wounded Thumb. Many close calls, near-tragedies…

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