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Framed and Burning: Lisa Brunette

Cat McCormick and her grandmother Grace have formed an alliance by created Amazing Grace investigations. Back for the second time and even stronger these two dreamslippers try to uncover the reason why a well-known painter and artist were burned alive. Donnie Hinds was an outstanding protégé of her Uncle Mick who as a result is the prime suspect of the police because he refuses go give them an alibi for the time of death. Cat is smart and demands the police reports and autopsy results in order to investigate the murder but the two detectives in charge stymie her. Looking carefully at Mick’s relationships she uncovers Jenny, Donnie’s ex-girlfriend with her own shady past and present as well as another artist Candace who creates her own art and who is on her suspect list too after being interviewed by Grace. But, Cat has her own…

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