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Some people have jobs that take them to many places around the world and others risk their lives every time they step outside. Katerina Mills is tenacious, astute, smart and in college but worst of hall in debt. Late with her work and term papers and hired by MJM to do jobs that most people would shy away from since they are often sinister, require killing someone, stealing and placing herself in danger. Phone calls come and she has to stop whatever she is doing, drop it all and handle the client and whatever the client wishes. She is curious and poses questions that most would not think of and she can only use her wit and sarcastic charm to get her so far when dealing with clients that pay big money. Katerina has several jobs at once the first of course is hoping to…

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My review:Bone White

Within this town lurk a killer but first meet two people that meet their fate when the hangman’s noose is placed around each of their necks. While their two children watch them as the nooses are released and their necks broken, Jeremiah, the older son is now the man of the family and has to take care of his sister. In the present Emerson Mundy travels to Mundy’s Landing hoping to connect with her past and meet some of her long lost relatives. But, her search will take her into dark places as her fiancé Roy stalks her and follows her every move treating her as his main possession. Meet Ora Adams who’s the director of the museum and who at first glance seems off balance especially her driving skills. Enlisting the help of a young girl named Savannah she wants her to identity a Jane Doe…

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