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Heritage: Addie Hunter

Creating a world that would be crime free, safe and hoping to use their newfound powers for the good, six teens by no fault of their own, but caused by an accident become superhuman with superhuman abilities. Where some would use them for destruction, to gain power over others these six three girls and three young boys use them to help make the world a better place. What happens when you live in a world where people have lost their good feelings and opinions of others especially with those with abilities? But, keeping their powers a secret from family and friends will not be easy. Approaching senior year in high school presents other challenges as we meet our superheroes and get to know them one by one as they take center stage trying to stop crime, robberies, thefts, possible arson, murder and other crimes. When we join…

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Guardian: Terri Reid

A young mother will be tested in more ways than one when she and her young son witness the murder of an unknown woman. Agent Leo Gallagher would take charge of the investigation to find out who killed this woman and captured one of his fellow FBI agents, Jake. Feeling responsible for his capture and although one of the criminals during their takedown was captured and another in protective custody, someone realizes that this young mother, Alicia Duncan saw what he did and can identify him along with her son, Charlie. Leo takes to her immediately and insists on providing protection for her and her family at her ranch. Alicia is headstrong and demands to be apart of the investigation from helping to create a sketch of the killer, to finding the body of the first young woman he killed who resembles the woman in protective custody…

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Silent Source: James Marshall Smith

Sometimes death comes when you least expect it and the source or reason remains an enigma or puzzle to those trying to come up with the cause. Within this novel we will visual and see the carnage and desecration of many people who died a painful and gruesome death at the hand of an unknown killer and substance that might remain unknown unless one man can uncover it. Dr. Damon Keane is a well known sleuth scientist who will stop at nothing to uncover and detect the truth about these deaths that no one else will or has the expertise to do. The Atlanta PD is stymied and stumped and when the Mayor of Atlanta requests the help of Dr. Damon Keane things will take on a new turn and the killer or the catalyst will hopefully be stopped. A death the causes the victim’s…

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The Pacifist

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Title:  The Pacifist

Author:  Mehreen Ahmed

Malcolm Baxter is what some claim to be a benefactor who draws people into giving charity to support the Badgerys Creek Orphanage. But, if these walls could speak and the victims that have been placed there could explain the screams, wails and fear that was instilled in them and if the authorities did not look the other way things might have been better for the poor children placed in this abusive setting. Money was at the root of those running the orphanage and no one bothered to look into the care of the innocent children or where the money was going. Malcolm Baxter was hosting a fundraiser for the orphanage but in the back of his mind he was remembering his own past, jealousies and fears. Malcolm is self-absorbed, lacks self-esteem and needs to be revered and honored. Malcolm with the help of Henna…

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