Everlasting Benefits of Obedience: Michael A. Jones

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Everlasting Benefits of Obedience: Michael A. Jones

There are many journeys that we go through in life. Some are more difficult than others and yet somehow we manage to cope, pray and survive. Trials and tribulations aside, sad times, hard times and jovial times life presents its challenges and it’s up to us to decide and determine how to handle them. Within the pages of this book readers whether teens, young adults, children and adults will learn many lessons that will help you soar and rise to difficult occasions by understanding as the title states: Everlasting Benefits of Obedience.

Chapters One and Two are quite powerful as they focus on two major areas that are vital to a successful future. Many of us invest huge amounts of time and energy including resources into creating and building what we hope are lasting friendships. Like an architect who begins with the foundation…

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