An All Consuming Fire

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An All Consuming Fire: Donna Fletcher Crow

Sometimes happens has to take a backseat until other issues are solved. Marriage and impending weddings are at the heart of this novel hoping that Felicity and Antony finally make it down the aisle. But, when Cynthia, her mother shows up, wants to take over and create a wedding fit for a Queen, things take on a different tone and words fly, tempers have to be in check and what happens will endear you to her mother even if she irritates Felicity. Antony is consumed with dealing with a television series that he is narrating based on the English Mystics and poor Felicity is dealing with directing an Epiphany pageant for Kirkthorpe’s difficult young teens and youths. But, filming takes on many strains, the director does not like Antony’s style at times, wants him to perk it up and pump it up for…

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The Lost Order: Steve Berry: Starred review

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The Lost Order: Steve Berry

The story begins with a prologue that dates back to 1865 and the many treasure hunters that have searched for many years hoping to uncover billions of dollars in stolen gold and silver all hidden in caches across the United States. The group that is most deadly that you meet in the past and again the in present is The Knights of the Golden Circle. They are a clandestine organization in American History. They were they ones that gathered and amassed this fortune and they are the ones that buried it but now in the present 160 years later there are not one but two factions of what remains of this clandestine organization who wants and will stop at nothing to get the treasure to spend for their own ends and uses and the other to preserve it.

In the present we meet former Justice…

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