What happens when a police department turns a blind eye?

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Dishonored and Forgotten: Larry and Carolyn Watts


Every police officer is considered to be someone to uphold the law and protect the people in the cities, towns or countries they live in. But, like in any profession there are those that circumvent the law, tend to create their own rules and follow the world in their own way at the expense of others. Within the Texas Police Department during the 1950’s there were many upheavals in leadership, narcotics scandals and even a death rules as a suicide. The deceased officer was shot twice in the heart and had a nasty laceration on his head. Ruling his death a suicide but was it as we will soon learn. As second officer as the story is told was sent to prison for selling heroin to those he arrested. Martin Billnitzer is at the heart of his novel as his nephew Jason…

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