Code Blood

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Getting too close to a victim is not what a paramedic is supposed to do. Never really showing signs of compassion, understanding but instead rushing to the scene of a fire or accident, quickly assessing the injuries and damage to the people involved should be paramount. Colt Lewis is a paramedic/firefighter who is the central character of this graphic book filled with the unexpected, bizarre and strange events and characters that cross his path. Working in the under belly of Los Angeles, where the residents are odd, unusual and the occurrences you might say out of the ordinary and abnormal, Colt finds himself drawn to the victim of a tragic accident and the end result might be more than he expected. A young girl named Bibi spent time hiding out on the beach, changing her appearance and then walking off you might say into the sunset…

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Tradur Gurl P.T. Dawkins

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Life sometimes throws you a double curve ball and you often have to switch gears in order to deal with the obstacles that might come your way. This is a story about several people that have been given serious roadblocks; obstacles and problems that only by skirting around the law, finding new ways to get what they want will they hope to be successful. Sandy Allen is in prison for life and has no communication with the outside world. Angry because she has stated to deaf ears that she was framed and taking the heat and the time for two people that faked their own deaths and got away with leaving her holding the bag. In a fake suicide note Michael Franklin, a stockbroker and his partner admitted guilt in 100 million dollar Ponzi scheme. But, rather than taking the rap and doing the time it was easier to claim…

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Big City HEAT

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Big City Heat: David Burnsworth

Sometimes life gets away from us all and our pasts remain and in the present. No matter how hard we try to avoid encounters and trouble sometimes it just seems to find us. Ex-Marine Brack Pelton is impetuous, smart, astute and at times reckless but he’s one man you don’t want to cross. A lowcountry bar owner who receives a phone call at 3 in the morning form his friend Mutt, who is upset and panicked because his girlfriend Cassie’s sister is missing placing Cassie in danger. But, things turn sour really fast as each step of the way as Brack tries to get the man who has Regan Cassie’s missing sister other lives including his are in danger. With the aid of Brother Thomas, Mutt, and now Darcy Wells investigative news correspondent and his old girlfriend, Brack forges ahead hoping to take down Kelvin…

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Smells Like Weeia

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Smells Like Weeia

Elle Boca

Marshall Danielle Metreaux is back along with Sebastien Poyager in another adventure that will take them deep inside the Academie Superieur de Goin to uncover the mysterious death of a student and the death of an older man who was visiting his sister. Sebastien seems to have the upper hand most of the time when doing interviews and interacting with the difficult staff they work with. He is smart, hot and calling them in to solve this case where people are dropping like flies and the answers are not apparent brings them inside the school meeting the headmistresses who is only concerned about appearances, not really quite concerned about the true cause as long as Sebastien helps solve the issue and places her back in total control. Coldhearted, methodical and often appears cold and unfeeling in manner and demeanor, she hopes that since she is…

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Shifting Sands

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Shifting Sands: Michael Shusko

A family all in the Marines and yet each one vying for the top spot as they quarrel, dispute and even argue when together. Two young men are sent on a mission but the end result is sabotage and they wind up dead. Someone is out to compromise Iran’s national security and a group of Americans were sent to audit their facilities to learn whether they are producing weapons of mass destruction. A new head has been chosen and now that Colonel Mostafa Sabri has ordered that the Americans are not aloud to come inside, sends them packing and orders that the man formerly in charge be taken in for questioning what happens next is even more terrifying. Hearing the voice of the man that is considered the drug, arms, sex-trafficking lord and whose role is to control the market, what happens that causes him to…

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Different is Beautiful

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Beautifully Different: Dana Salim

Illustrated: Pavel Goldaev

The colors of the rainbow after a rainstorm are all different vibrant and have their own special meanings. It’s their differences that make each one of them stand out. Sometimes children become aware of the fact that many of their classmates are not the same as they are in skin color, hair color, eye color and appearance in general. A special young boy asked his father this question: Some of the kids in my class are different than me. WHY IS THAT!

That is a great questions and wait until you take the journey using your special imagination that we all have to learn the important answer to that question. The father asked him if he thought that being different is bad? Is making fun of other people right because of the way they look? Is it wrong that some of us like…

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Rarity from the Hollow by Robert Eggleton

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Living in a world where your mainstay of communication are the trees in the Roundabend, a ghost that was your friend what was killed by her father, other inanimate objects that you hope will give you advice and an Android that becomes the center of your attention. Living in poverty, fearful of your actions and dealing with an abusive father and a negligent mother, what hope does a young child have? There are many issues brought to light in Rarity from the Hollow as we take the journey inside the Hollow and meet Lacy Dawn, her father Dwayne and mother Jenny. Having to hide material things that she wants in order to further her education, taking pride in being super smart, never late or absent from school and getting straight A’s, Lacy Dawn often hides away from her home, winds up sleeping on a boat owned by her Android friend…

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