LEtters to Alice: King Grossman

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Loneliness, creative differences and career choices are at the heart of this novel, which spans different time periods. Frazier Pickett lives within his own private world and calls himself the slumbering man or someone that drifts off into a being at rest; quiet; still; inactive or motionless: a quiescent mind. Frazier is married to Margaret and each seem to at times be in the same room yet even though their spaces are occupied they seem invisible to each other. He is a writer/editor and she is a publishing –executive wife. Trying to keep their marriage in tack and their careers on an upward slide. Living in the West Village in Manhattan and with their two children he works as an editor at Flying Pens, not an A rated agency but B-list one. Margaret however, is now at the top of her game at Harper-Collins and is now director of creative…

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