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Reunion: Carl Brookins

Going back to your hometown for you high school reunion should bring back some great memories and seeing old friends an added bonus. The class of 1989 is meeting for the first time in 20 years in the small town of Riverview, and hopefully will light up old friendships, see the changes in people over the years and learn what they have been up to since you left. Lori Jacobs has not been back to this small town in many years and wanting to attend her 20th year high school reunion she invites her live in boyfriend Jack Marston to attend the weekend with her. Arriving there and checking into the hotel she decides to take a ride around town to familiarize herself with some of the main spots that everyone frequents. But, sometimes things do not take on that positive turn and before anyone can…

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Getting too close to a victim is not what a paramedic is supposed to do. Never really showing signs of compassion, understanding but instead rushing to the scene of a fire or accident, quickly assessing the injuries and damage to the people involved should be paramount. Colt Lewis is a paramedic/firefighter who is the central character of this graphic book filled with the unexpected, bizarre and strange events and characters that cross his path. Working in the under belly of Los Angeles, where the residents are odd, unusual and the occurrences you might say out of the ordinary and abnormal, Colt finds himself drawn to the victim of a tragic accident and the end result might be more than he expected. A young girl named Bibi spent time hiding out on the beach, changing her appearance and then walking off you might say into the sunset…

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