When will it all finally end?

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CJ Box: Vicious Circle

The inability to take down one man has haunted Joe Pickett, Wyoming game warden for many years. A prison sentence that did not even come close to punishing him for the violations that he committed will plague him until he takes him down once and for all. Dave Farkus is not the brightest light bulb nor does he have any common sense or brains. Not working and collecting disability checks has decided to run and hide but where and what is finally fate is will concern not only Joe Pickett but the sheriff’s department and many others. Dave Farkus is in a bar and overhears several people talking and at first he misinterpret what is said but upon further introspection he realizes that they are talking about Joe Pickett the game warden and someone wants to take him down. Hoping to leave the bar and not…

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