Big City HEAT

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Big City Heat: David Burnsworth

Sometimes life gets away from us all and our pasts remain and in the present. No matter how hard we try to avoid encounters and trouble sometimes it just seems to find us. Ex-Marine Brack Pelton is impetuous, smart, astute and at times reckless but he’s one man you don’t want to cross. A lowcountry bar owner who receives a phone call at 3 in the morning form his friend Mutt, who is upset and panicked because his girlfriend Cassie’s sister is missing placing Cassie in danger. But, things turn sour really fast as each step of the way as Brack tries to get the man who has Regan Cassie’s missing sister other lives including his are in danger. With the aid of Brother Thomas, Mutt, and now Darcy Wells investigative news correspondent and his old girlfriend, Brack forges ahead hoping to take down Kelvin…

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