When will it all finally end?

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CJ Box: Vicious Circle

The inability to take down one man has haunted Joe Pickett, Wyoming game warden for many years. A prison sentence that did not even come close to punishing him for the violations that he committed will plague him until he takes him down once and for all. Dave Farkus is not the brightest light bulb nor does he have any common sense or brains. Not working and collecting disability checks has decided to run and hide but where and what is finally fate is will concern not only Joe Pickett but the sheriff’s department and many others. Dave Farkus is in a bar and overhears several people talking and at first he misinterpret what is said but upon further introspection he realizes that they are talking about Joe Pickett the game warden and someone wants to take him down. Hoping to leave the bar and not…

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Another blockbuster five star hit: Washington Power Play: Allan Topol

Deceit, betrayals, traitors, moles and high-level espionage are at the helm of this outstanding political thriller by author Allan Topol. Kelly Cameron might be in her early twenties but she is handling situations dealing with the corruption of our Presidential election, moles in high-level positions filtering secrets to the Chinese government and battling her feelings for Xiang Shen her former college sweetheart. China decided to attack some Japanese islands thinking no one would respond in kind including US President Braddock. As Kelly learns of a secret meeting at Camp David she begins to dig long and hard at who in the Chinese government might have a stake at the outcome of our Presidential race and what will they gain by engineering the win of the candidate of their choice? When Xiang last saw Kelly he broker off their arrangement at…

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A Minor Fall: Prince Ainsworth

In music when you have a minor fall that is sung you have a minor chord played. Minor chords have a different sound and flavor and are more subdued that major ones. The chord progression provides a darker, sadder sound as you enter the world of Davy Jessie and hear him narrate the story that will take him from a high note and drag him down to the lowest key in the base clef, you wonder why he chose to rise and then finds himself just like the sound of a minor chord: Sadder and Darker. A lawyer and narrator of this novel he is focused on a personal injury case working as a personal injury lawyer. The firm is high up and well respected and his boss, Sullivan is his father-in-law whose philandering ways soon becomes part of Davy’s routine. Michelle, his wife is…

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Sometimes the stranger is right in front of you!

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The Stranger Inside: Jennifer Jaynes

I living within their own worlds Alexa and Josh Christie find themselves entangled in places that they will never recover from. Within Alexa’s world are ways to downgrade her mother, take enough pills to feel no pain, act as if she does not care about anything or anyone but herself and often leaves herself wide open for comments that she won’t be able to handle, ridicule, betrayals from friends and finding her own route to isolation and loneliness. Josh, her brother, seems to be the favored child since being rescued and adopted at a young age. Their father, Frank killed himself as the author graphically describes the scene they all came upon when finding him in his study. Diane Christie is a famous and well-known mystery thriller writer whose work is well renowned and who struggled for a long time until her craft and stories…

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Spotlight: HELLS HOLES

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Summary of the book:

When huge holes mysteriously formed in Alaska’s North Slope, a research team went to discover their cause. But when an army of invading demons erupted out of these hell holes, only two scientists and Aileen, the team’s secretive photographer, survived. Now in this exciting second book in the Hell Holes series, they must flee south along 350 miles of the Dalton Highway, one of the world’s most treacherous roads. Aileen, a member of an ancient order

Blog Tour ~ Hells Holes ~ Demons on the Dalton & What Lurks Below
Author: Donald G. Firesmith 
Genre: Science Fiction /Paranormal/Fantasy
Dates: 1st – 12th of May


What Lurks Below

It’s August in Alaska, and geology professor Jack Oswald prepares for the new school year. But when hundreds of huge holes mysteriously appear overnight in the frozen tundra north of the Arctic Circle, Jack receives an unexpected phone call. An…

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Reunion: Carl Brookins

Going back to your hometown for you high school reunion should bring back some great memories and seeing old friends an added bonus. The class of 1989 is meeting for the first time in 20 years in the small town of Riverview, and hopefully will light up old friendships, see the changes in people over the years and learn what they have been up to since you left. Lori Jacobs has not been back to this small town in many years and wanting to attend her 20th year high school reunion she invites her live in boyfriend Jack Marston to attend the weekend with her. Arriving there and checking into the hotel she decides to take a ride around town to familiarize herself with some of the main spots that everyone frequents. But, sometimes things do not take on that positive turn and before anyone can…

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