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Genocide: Pat Krapf: My review

Within this world there are many who would prefer that there is only one race and that certain groups of people need to be eliminated. Think about this the next time you are walking down the street in a large metropolis and find yourself mingling with people of many races, creeds, religious background and ideologies. Look into their eyes and see if you can read them and think about whether you would like to learn more about these strangers. Imagine a group of powerful men deciding the fate on one group of people and wanting to eliminate them in a horrific and catastrophic manner. Darcy McClain former, FBI, now Private Investigator will enter a world filled with lies, traitors, deceit so deadly that it will rock the foundation of her world as she comes up against a man named Solis that eluded her before, now…

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Their Pretend Amish Courtship

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Their Pretend Amish Courtship: Patricia Davids

Sometimes in order to get what we want we have to create situations that push our agenda in the direction that we think best. Going to Florida to care for her grandmother was not what Fannie wanted in the present or even in the future. Riding horses, leading a special group of girls in a horse show was her goal but how was she supposed to do this when her mother and father wanted her to go to Florida and tend to her grandmother since at this time she was not being courted by anyone at all. Devising a plan that might benefit her goals she needed to find someone that would go along with her and not divulge her secret to anyone. Noah Bowman seemed like a likely candidate since he was handsome, single and their parents hoped for a match between them…

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