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Enemy of the Good: Matthew Palmer

Within this world there are several regimes that believe that dealing with dissidents, opposing groups and varied opinions need to be silenced. President for Life, Nurlan Eraliev is one such oppressive ruler. Anyone that opposes his will, speaks out against what he is doing is taken away, placed in a prison cell and then to the torturous PIT! When Kate Hollister, a Foreign Service human rights officer, completes a mission in Cuba but not to the satisfaction of her superiors, she is sent to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan’s capital where her parents were murdered by orders given by the President for Life. Knowing the language is a plus in her favor, speaking it even more. Familiar with the culture, customs and the area she has been sent there to work as part of the team led by her Uncle Harry the U.S. Ambassador. A dissident group…

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