Point of Contact

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Point of Contact: Tom Clancy: Mike Maden

The story begins with a mission led by Jack Ryan Jr. that does not end the way he would have liked. Lives are lost but somehow he manages to get out. Things take on an unusual turn as a result of this mission as he is sent on a mission to audit a major company, Dalfan Technologies housed in Singapore in order to make sure that before it is bought by one of our companies that their finances and records are well above board. Jack Ryan meet forensic accountant Paul Brown both working for Hendley Associates a financial analysis firm. Their job is to carefully use their particular skills as if they had a special forensic microscope to study their files, accounts, bills, billing practices and much more making sure that they were not hiding anything. Weston Rhodes wants this merger to go…

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The Marsh King’s Daughter

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The Marsh King’s Daughter: Karen Dionne


How do you live your life isolated from the rest of the world and not feel resentful, alone or wondering what you might have missed? Helena finds herself held captive along with her young mother living in the Marshland and yet not realizing that her life is anything but ordinary. Her father took her mother captive and she was born two years later. Helena’s mother barely survived her birth yet thinking that she would provide some joy or comfort in her mother’s life but that was not to be. Her father was a dangerous man and you wonder as you read the novel, hear her recounts of her childhood why she worshipped and idolized this man. Not exactly loving or giving hugs, at times he could be downright cruel and abusive. Helena even when we switch to the present does not hate her…

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One man’s life’s journey

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Hatching Charlie: A Psychotherapist’s Tale

Sometimes when you look at your reflection in a mirror you see someone that is wonderful, successful or perfect in your own eyes. But, what is hidden behind your eyes, the fear, the anger, the torment is never truly revealed unless you look deeper, longer and see what’s hiding behind your lack of expression, your glaring eyes as they begin to recall your childhood torments, lack of accomplishments growing up, unrest caused by a tyrannical and abusive parent and the hopes and fears that someday you as a person will be accepted as you are. How do you change your look? How does your demeanor take on another appearance, how do you find yourself when others look at you and only see failure, differences you can’t help but cope with and the joy of life has gone out of you as people who see your…

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