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Unit 416
Five men who are hardened criminals are about to learn just how tough the army can be. Five men with criminal records, jail time in the histories and yet for some reason they were chosen to be lead by Master Sergeant Keeble into dangerous Uzbekistan to take down a dangerous arms cartel. Men who lived on the streets of America in the toughest neighbors and survived, yet their lives filled with crime and jail might be turned around when coming face to face with Keeble. Keeble has no choice as the section leader he has to take this rough edged group of disjointed men and turn them into a unit ready to fight as a team. Personalities aside, fears to the curb, disagreements tables this group is being funded by a secret CIA directive leading them into Uzbekistan to infiltrate and become part of this drug cartel. But…

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Colorblind: Leah Harper Bowron

Within this world there even in the present day are people who preach, hate, discrimination and are prejudice. Some dislike others because of the color of their skin while others because of someone’s race or nationality. Within the pages of this book the reader learns some harsh realities about narrow minded educators, parents who teach disrespect and one young girl named Lisa Parker who lived her life in fear of bullies, insults and yet some day somehow she would hopefully overcome and remember the words of the late Dr. Martin Luther King: Free at Last: Free at Last: Thank God Almighty we are free at last! But, before she or anyone in her class or school would understand the meaning of his words we have to explain what she went through, how she dealt with the torments, sneers and insults of two bullies named David and…

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