Dreama Little Death

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Dreama A Little Death: Susan Kandel
Dreama Black is quirky, odd, outspoken and definitely impulsive yet loyal to those she feels are part of her group or groupies. She is cute, 28 and definitely hated being dumped by a rock god whose music and face is world-renowned. Imagine a song after you titled Dreama, Little Dreama making her name and her famous too. But, Dreama has her own business to run. She runs custom-designed, themed tours of her hometown L.A. Here is where the story gets wild and downright different. Miles McCoy hired her. He is a rap producer who creates a L.A. noir tour as a present for his soon bride to be. But, Dreamer winds up getting into the middle of more than she can handle when the bodies turn up and the guns start shooting in her direction. Meet Miles McCoy the reason for her wild and…

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