The Mask of Sanity

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The Mask of Sanity: Jacob M. Appel
Fear is an emotion that at one time or another we all experience. It’s the feeling of an impending danger, evil, pain or whether a threat is real or imagined. Sometimes people snap and their minds drift in other directions and someone that has been revered, admired and looked up too can change in a heartbeat. Dr. Jeremy Balint is a cardiologist and the youngest head of any medical division at Laurendale Methodist Hospital. But, Dr. Balint is not what his veneer or persona exuded when you look or speak to him. Look deeply into his eyes and realize that what lies beneath the irises and the pupils lurks a demonic, sadistic and horrific man whose personality will remind you of the Son of Sam, Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hyde or any serial killer with a specific MO. Thinking about killing keeps him…

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