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A Few Minor Adjustments
Cherie Kephart

Changing you life and longing to travel across the world to a different continent was more than a life changing experience for Cherie Kephart. Wanting to help the people in remote villages in Central Africa she would soon experience the same unsanitary conditions, lack of pure and clean water, no bathrooms but having to build and create latrines, no place to bathe privately and the food was often plagued with bugs and her world was filled with mosquitoes that carried disease, flies that buzzed and may have even bitten plus living conditions that most would not be able to endure. Wanting to join the Peace Corps was her goal but when he arrived the things she went through, the bouts with many different illnesses and contracting malaria was nothing compared to what she face before she left. The medical facilities were poorly staffed and…

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Blame: Jeff Abbott
You wake up after four days and cannot recall whom you are why you are in the hospital. Your mother’s face is hovering over you but you have no idea why or who this person might be. Jane Norton feels isolated and alone even though there are people who want to support her and make sure she recovers. Told that she crashed her car on a deserted road supposedly trying to end your life and that of her friend David leaves the town that she lives in total shock and despair. Thinking at first it was an accident people rallied to her aid. But, a note that was found at the scene and supposedly in her handwriting ends what everyone thinks is any speculation as to the fact is was at attempted suicide. When the contents of the note is revealed is states: I wish we were…

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Death, Grief, Bereavement
Date Published: 1-6-2017
Publisher: Cygnet Publications, Cygnet Media Group Inc.

When her beloved soul friend husband, Gerald, passed away a few years ago, and her friends and sons moved to distant cities, she found herself alone for the first time in her life.

Gerald, a professional artist, had his studio in their home. Their home was always filled with family life, art, music, joy and playfulness in the garden.
After his passing, the silence was loud. The joy was gone — her paradise — a lost paradise.

She had two choices, either to fall apart or to get on with life. She chose the latter and traveled to find a home, a community — however – nowhere was home – since he left.
In writing Nowhere Is Home … Since You Left, Madeleine Zeldin shares her insights, emotions, and true life experiences as she journeys solo throughout…

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