Between the Pages: Thais Sherell J.

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Between the Pages: Thais Sherell J.
The freedom to do as you please and to break away from the bonds of tradition, conformity and the rules of society as Joyce McDonald takes us into her heart, mind and soul to experience her highs, lows, pitfalls heard from her own voice with the help of author Thais Sherell J. let’s get to hear her story, how she overcame her struggles with drugs, abuse and being pimped out by so many men. This is a story of courage, bravery, hope, despair and fear that someday she would never become the woman she is today. Meet Joyce McDonald.
Wanting to live her life, as someone others will revere, look up to and want to be around was the goal of Joyce McDonald. But, the road to freedom was marred with many obstacles from young ages and the lessons that are taught to all…

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