Desire After Divorce: A STARRED REVIEW

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Desire After Divorce: Davida’s Testimony
Gloria Shell Mitchell
Divorce can often be traumatic and change your way of looking at yourself when your spouse is unfaithful and you begin to doubt yourself as a woman and a person. Within the pages of this novel Davida our main character will go through many different emotional outbursts, changes and life experiences to come to a startling realization about her own weaknesses and strengths leading to her new found belief in God.
Marriage to Vincent at first seemed almost blissful until she realized that he was not the man he appeared to be and was living another life without her knowing it. Hiding behind his deceptions with the help of his own family it was like Davida was wearing blinders and could not see the world in front of her. The purpose the author states in the introduction was to create for you…

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