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The truth is something that many of us have difficulty dealing with, as it in some cases will change your viewpoint about certain circumstances that surrounds the life of a person dear to you. There are many who would deny that the Holocaust really happened. The ovens that burned so many prisoners and the showers that scorched and burned prisoners before they were gassed and went to their deaths. The guards who relished in torturing them and the smiles on their faces when they inflicted pain. Anti-Semitic propaganda movements developed to deny the established history of the Nazi genocide against the Jews. A primary publication of editorial style advertisements in college campus newspapers fostered and called for an open debate on the Holocaust. Did the Nazi in fact hate the Jews, or did this result in an organized killing program and not anti-Semitism? The Holocaust really did happen and the…

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Oh Susannah: Things that go Bump: Carole P. Roman
Illustrated by Mateya Arkova

Sleepovers as events that some children relish and enjoy while others fear them and would rather not endure. Susannah Maya Logan has been invited to a sleepover at her friend Lola’s house but she would rather pass on it. Thinking that there is a ghost living there and that her brother Kai loves to torture her and tease her every time she visits and even on the bus on the way to school, knowing that this event was coming up over the weekend gave her nightmares and made her even more afraid. Everyone has fears even big people have things they would rather avoid. Author Carole P. Roman is going to help not only Susannah over come her fears but maybe you the reader too as well as many of the other characters in this great children’s…

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