Two Nights: Kathy Reichs

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Two Nights: Kathy Reichs
Sometimes your past can affect your present when things in life cause you to feel isolated and alone. Sunday Night, a name she created for herself is not one to live with the masses but on an island off the South Carolina coast. Most of the time she is reflecting on her life and what has gone wrong. Reliving her past causes her pain and when having the choice between jail time or the armed forces she enlisted with the urging and help of Perry Beau Beaumonde a policeman. The marines then a job with the PD department in Charleston she was hurt during an accidental shooting of an armed man bringing her to the attention of Opaline Drucker a rich and well connected older woman who has a special job for Sunday to find her 15 year old granddaughter named Stella. Thinking she might be…

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